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  Ruth Van Buren has been involved in Network Marketing her entire adult life! In 2007, Ruth engaged in the exceptional opportunity available in the networking world as a distributor for a cutting edge company, MonaVie. She rapidly built a profitable business for herself, becoming a Blue Diamond. She and Curtis are dedicated to building strong teams of leaders.

  “I love everything about this great company—the product, the compensation plan, the opportunity to be part of the MORE Project, my outstanding upline, and my MonaVie Team. I love them; they are like family to me!”

  “My advice is to become a Star and then create Stars. Plug into the system of your upline and share from your heart. PASSION plus RIGHT ACTION equals SUCCESS. As for me and my outstanding team, we have only just begun. If MonaVie became a Billion dollar company their first 3 ½ years in the functional beverage industry, a $5 Billion dollar industry, what do you think is going to happen with RVL in the $58 Billion weight loss industry? We are at the right place at the right time!”

  Ruth and Curtis currently reside in Las Vegas, NV. Be sure to join Ruth every Saturday at 10 AM PST for her business training call. The phone number is 218-895-1287 and the pin is 4900#.

The View - Making a Difference
Mar 9 2013 Ruth Van Buren
Those distributors on my team who are using the VIEW as a tool to build their business are having success!  
They are sponsoring new distributors, creating new customers and re-activating distributors from the past.
Why?  Because they are able to show what is really going on in someone's body as far as their anti-oxidant level is concerned.  They are able to also show a measurable difference for those who accept the challenge and drink the juice or use the RVL for 2 ...